UV Filters for Your Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners, as convenient as they are in keeping your home nice and cool during a hot day, can potentially invite harmful bacteria and allergens into your home. This is, of course, an exceptional inconvenience for someone who may be extremely sensitive to allergens, and may lead to you having to decide between keeping the air conditioner on to cool your house, or turning it off to avoid the massive influx of harmful debris from the outside. Luckily, however, some modern air conditioning systems come with UV filters that help combat and prevent allergens, spores, and bacteria from entering your home through the air conditioner system. The filter utilises ultraviolet light to kill off these harmful pathogens, offering an immense amount of relief.

The following offers a bit more information regarding when is the best time to have a UV filter installed.

Who Should Have a UV Filter in their Air Conditioner?

Not everyone requires a UV filter to use their air conditioner comfortably. However, the following is a list of instances when having one installed is probably for the best.

  • You have allergies: This one is obvious, as the UV helps in killing potential allergens from entering your home.
  • Your house is older or made of wood: spores can easily become dislodged from the outside surface of your home and travel inside through the air conditioning system. Older homes tend to have quite the build-up of spores or dust that may make it difficult to breathe. UV filters are definitely something worth having on your air conditioner if your home is noticeably old or is giving off unpleasant odours.
  • Your home is noticeably humid, or you live in a warmer environment: mould and bacteria tend to fester in areas of high humidity or warmth. Having a UV filter can help combat the large amounts of irritants in the air.

In general, whenever you have difficulty in breathing or live in a place that is susceptible to a massive influx of irritants, a UV filter is preferred. However, do these filters impede efficiency?

Are UV Filters Detrimental to Efficiency?

The simple answer is no. A normal UV filter can cost less than $90 a year in giving you and your family peace of mind that the air you’re breathing in is free from any harmful debris. This cost is inclusive of how much energy it takes to have the bulb running year round, and potentially replacing the bulb every year (although some better bulbs don’t need to be replaced until several years a time). The filter is also unobtrusive, so you can be sure that the airflow from your air conditioner is as it should be, so you can be confident that you’re not giving up efficiency for better air quality.

Maintenance of the Filter

Normally the filter should be inspected at the same time you’re inspecting your air conditioning unit, which can be anywhere from every 6 months to every year. If you notice that your house is getting more odours than usually, then it may be time to replace the bulb.

Final Thoughts

Is a UV Filter for your AC unit a good investment? It certainly is if you’re worried about the air quality of your home. Newer air conditioners have the filter pre-installed, so if you’re looking to replace an old and overused AC, then it may be time to start looking into one with a UV filter.