Some Common Air Conditioner Leaky Ducts Issues

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A ductwork system is generally associated with houses having central air conditioning system. Your ductwork system has supply and returns registers with a network of air passageways fabricated from different duct materials. The supply ducts distribute cool air throughout the indoor space in your home, while the return ducts carry the air back to your AC unit to be reconditioned and re-circulated.

Most homeowners do not realize about the serious issues involved with duct leakage that can account for 20 to 40% hike in energy consumption in Sydney homes, while also affecting on your indoor comfort level. These leaks in your ducts force your AC system to run longer than necessary, wasting hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

If you start experiencing unbalanced air flow, bad odours, dirt in your indoor air system, you might have defects in your ducts. Duct leaks in your home’s attic can suck in the hot dusty air out of it and deliver it throughout the living space of your home. Also, a leak in your home’s crawler can suck moisture, germs and other chemical substances, while affecting your indoor air quality.

Therefore, duct leaks should be routinely checked and sealed. There are various products available for sealing your duct leaks. If the leaks are easily accessible, homeowners in Sydney can seal them with mastic. Otherwise, you might need a professional air conditioner repair service Sydney to access your air conditioner duct leaks and install insulation properly.

Here are some common problems regarding your air conditioner ductwork system:

A poorly installed duct system

A poorly installed duct system will not be able to supply and return the necessary airflow to cool living space. This is the single greatest problem that causes the inefficiency in the functioning of the air conditioning system. Hence, it is critical to have your ductwork designed and installed by reliable HVAC services.

Poorly sealed registers/grills and insulated air ducts

When the duct registers and grills are poorly sealed at the duct connections, air can break away before reaching your living space. This loss of air will make your air conditioner work harder and consume more energy. If the air ducts are not insulated properly, the cooled air can also be lost.

Torn or twisted flexible plastic air ducts

While flexible plastic air ducts are on trend, it is important to make sure they are not twisted or torn because this may also cause air restrictions, making your AC unit run harder in distributing air.

Dirty air ducts

Air ducts can accumulate dust/dirt/debris/pollutants over time. If they are not cleaned at a regular interval, these pollutants and even germs will keep on circulating your living space as your air conditioner runs that adversely affect your indoor air quality and family health.