How to Make Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Thermostat Setting

When summer temperature in Sydney scorches and the humidity makes it fell like you’re swimming through a world full of soup, air conditioner is a must. Undoubtedly, staying cool all day in this sweltering heat must come at a cost of increasing electricity bills. Homeowners must look for the effective and efficient ways to reduce energy bills, while also staying cool at the same time.

Digital Thermostat with a male hand, set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Saved with clipping path for thermostat and hand combined.

The easiest way to reduce energy consumption is to cut back unnecessary energy use. The ideal air conditioner temperature setting may depend on your priorities. Your electricity bill will be lower if you set your thermostat in higher degree in summer. So, if keeping energy lower is your first priority higher temperature will serve. However, if you are looking for extra comfort, you might want to turn the temperature down, which can come at a more expensive bill.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain that the warmer you keep your home, the lower the energy bill and better the health of your air conditioner will be. So, here are some important measures to help make an efficient air conditioner thermostat setting and keep your energy consumption as low as possible.

  • For the coolest you may have in your home, use recommended thermostat setting at 24 degrees Celsius. Check out if this is an ideal temperature for your comfort or allow few degrees warmer if tolerable.
  • In your waking hours at home, see whether you can increase temperature setting if it is not affecting your comfort level. Raise one degree at time until you get the warmest tolerable temperature.
  • For those who find 24 degree Celsius too warm, lower it one degree at a time until a comfortable setting is found. But remember, the colder the degree, more expensive it will be.
  • See if you can use a higher thermostat setting at night time. You may raise at least 3 to 4 degrees higher than your base temperature. But if it affects your sleep, you may switch back to the base level.
  • When your house is empty and you don’t have pets, set the thermostat to turn off before leaving your home, and set it to turn back on a half-hour before arriving home. This will greatly help reduce energy consumption.

If you have any thermostat issue, or find your energy bills increasing month by month, then it is crucial to check how your air conditioner is functioning. And if your AC needs any air conditioner repair or maintenance Sydney to help reduce electricity consumption, contact us to assist you and provide you any required service.