Household Electrical Repairs You Should Never Attempt To Do On Your Own


electrical repair

Household electrical repairs are not a foreign concept in a majority of homes. Every once in a while, there will most likely be something that needs repair so that it can continue to function in the proper way.

Although there are some basic electrical repairs that you can take on, it is vital to note that electricity is not something to mess with. If you do not have knowledge of what to do, it is best to leave the repair work to the professionals.

Some of the work that you should not even attempt to tackle include:

Do Wiring With The Power On

electrical repairsIf you have a death wish, go ahead and perform wiring work when the power is on. You might see some electricians Melbourne doing so and think that it is cool, but it may end up backfiring on you. Turn off the power if you want to take care of wiring.

Additionally, you should also use the proper safety gear so that you do not end up in the hospital. It would be best if you have a professional by your side and not just the information you read online and from building magazines.

Repair Weatherhead

Do not even think about handling the Weatherhead as part of household electrical repairs. Also called the periscope or service mast, the Weatherhead is a metal structure or pole that is responsible for connecting electrical service lines from the utility power pole and into your home.

At times, it may lean or have some bolts which are not tight. Do not just go and try to make the pole straight as 200 amps coursing through your human body may not be a beautiful sight. Call your electricity providers to take care of this to avoid any trouble.

Juggle Service Lugs In The Breaker Box

For starters, if you are not aware of what service lugs are, you should not be in the business of touching them in any way. The only thing perhaps you may be allowed to do is reset, any breaker that has tripped.  The lugs are large screw posts or terminals that secure service cables.

These are always energized or hot even after someone switches off the main breaker. To avoid smoke, just stay away from the cables that connect to the lugs too.

Repair Your Appliancesresidential electrician

Appliances that may be due for repair include:

  •      Blenders
  •      Iron boxes
  •      Kettles
  •      Toasters
  •      Refrigerators
  •      Washing machines

In regards to residential electrical repairs, you should also not think about repairing any appliance that is not working.

Most people have this notion that machines are safe as long as you turn off the power or pull off the plug. What they do not know is that capacitors can bring them a lot of trouble. These are devices that store electricity in a bid to boost startup as well as other functions on some home appliances.

When the power is cut off, the appliance will not discharge the capacitors. However, touching it for instance with a metal tool will undoubtedly lead to an unpleasant reaction.