Electric Stove Repairs Tips

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Modern day technology has not only changed our way of cooking but has also enhanced it incredibly. Cooking devices have become an integral part of any kitchenware, but, a vast majority of individuals are still not aware of the amazing cooking opportunities modern day appliances can offer. You now have a whole host of high-end Cooking devices to choose from depending on your pocket as well as your personal experience and preferences. Arguably, one such cooking device that has taken the world by storm is the electric stove. The emergence of electric stoves has resulted in many people switching from the conventional cooking methods to more efficient and dependable cooking styles.

Typically, an electric stove is an oven that functions holistically with the electrical heating element to enhance efficient cooking and baking. There are lots of potential benefits that you would get by investing in an electric stove including:

  • They are cost-effective: Even though the initial electric stove installation costs of electric stoves may seem quite high, they are highly profitable in the long run. Perhaps this is because they consume very much less energy, a factor that may help reduce your monthly energy bills significantly.
  • They enhance efficient cooking: Unlike the other traditional cooking methods, electric stoves usually distribute heat evenly thus ensuring the every part of your cooking pan receives the heat. This not only makes your cooking experience more enjoyable but makes your food delicious as well. What’s more fun than cooking a delicious meal on an energy-saving device?
  • They are easy to use: An electric stove is a simple machine that any homeowner should find incredibly easy to operate. It usually turns on and off at the twist of a knob, and this implies that you’ll find it friendly. In fact, even your small kids can handle it as well.
  • They are incredibly versatile: The availability of additional grills coupled with smooth top makes it ideal for all of your pots. What’s more, it supports roasting on different cooking modes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: It has been proven that most homeowners would prefer a device that is easy to clean and maintain. Electric stoves come in handy in this regard. All you need is to wipe and clean the grills and the cooking top after you are done with your cooking.

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Despite the vast benefits offered by electric stoves, they do come with some challenges. As with any electrical home appliance, an electric stove is equally prone to occasional part failures. Even though it is highly recommended that you should have a well-trained and licensed electrician inspect your device, there are a number of electrical repair problems that you can tackle by yourself.

So let us examine a few examples of such easy-to-solve electric stove problems

Changing of a malfunctioning burner

You all know how burner issues can result in lots of frustrations. Thankfully, it is usually a simple task to correct. A poor connection with your socket as well as a faulty power outlet is generally the common culprits. However, before you attempt anything, always ensure you have unplugged the electric stove. To confirm that the issue is solely based on your burner, try replacing it with a functional one. If you realise that the new one too doesn’t heat, the problem may be emanating from the infinite switch or the socket you are using. You should contact your local electrician immediately.

Failure in heat adjustment

Instead of the stove emitting different levels of heat depending on the knob adjustment, it becomes completely on or off regardless of the setting. The infinite switch of your stove which is connected to the dial could be the most probable cause of failure. Chances of the power levels being regulated are minimal and hence the need to remove your panel to access the infinite switch. You’ll need to test your switch using a multimeter to confirm the state of your switch. The simple conclusion should be that the infinite switch is bad and thus needs replacement.

One element not heating

It is caused by a burned out element. You should carry out a test for continuity to ascertain the cause of the problem. A damaged element won’t show any visible sign of continuity.

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Lack of power to the oven

You should first examine the fuse as well as the terminal block within the unit. Carefully review any symptoms of overheating and perhaps melting terminals.

These are straightforward and practical tips that can allow you to repair and maintain your stove in a relatively cheaper way. As always, if you are not sure about anything, just contact your local technician for assistance.