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Getting your ceiling fan installed by yourself is in itself a great way of saving up on your utility bills and not having to pay so much for such a simple task. It only requires a few minutes or hours of your time depending on how fast you are, but the results are imminent. However, you need to be a little careful while doing this to avoid injuring yourself. So, with this in mind, you may want to know just how you can go about this whole process. Worry not because the main reason why I decided to have this written was to answer that for you. Read on.

Guide on how to install a ceiling fan stepwise.

Safety rules and precautions.

  1. Necessary tools.
  2. Determination of the location of the ceiling fan.
  3. Uninstallation of the existing ceiling fan/ light fixture.
  4. Installation of the fan with a down rod.
  5. Installation of a ceiling fan with brace box.
  6. Wiring ceiling fan controls.
  7. Results.

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Safety rules during installation.

Before you embark on the installation process, it is important that you keep the following in mind for your safety;

  1. Before you start, switch the power off at the circuit breaking box.
  2. Remove any obstacles at the point of installation.
  3. Choose the outlet box labelled ‘Acceptable for the support of the fan’.
  4. Verify compliance of the electrical connections with your local codes or ordinances.
  5. For additional safety measures and precautions, ensure you read and fully understand the instructions from the manufacturer.

Necessary tools for the installation process.

You need the right tools’ set to enable you to carry on with the ceiling fan installation process. The ten basic tools you need to have are;

  • Adjustable wrench: You this wrench in order to fasten any bolts or support brace.
  • Test light: This is necessary when it comes to the detection of electrical current in the fixture. This is just to make sure that no electricity is running in the ground and hot wires.
  • Cordless drill: For use in drilling holes for the installation of the utility box.
  • Strippers: To be used in cutting wires.
  • Pliers: For use in fastening screws and locking nuts in down rod assembly.
  • Ladder: To enable you to reach the desired height.
  • Dusk Mask: To shield you from inhaling dust during the whole process.
  • Screwdrivers: For use when driving screws.
  • Tape: An insulating tape is needed to secure wires and other conductors.
  • Safety glasses to protect your eyes.


For efficient performance of the fan, it must be hung at least 8 feet from the floor with the blades being at least 7 feet from the floor and 10 inches below the top. The blades should also be 20 inches from doors or windows. The location should also not be damaged or with cracks.

Uninstalling an existing fan.

Carefully remove screws with a screwdriver. Remove the electrical box through the ceiling opening and any dirt.

Installing a fan with a down rod.

Secure the mounting bracket to an outlet box and feed wires through the openings in the mounting bracket, then remove shipping blocks from the motor. Finally, assemble the motor housing.

Wiring and results.

Use the manufacturer’s instruction on how well to do the wiring, then sit back and enjoy the cool breeze from the fan.


air conditioning service

There are so many reasons why you would want to install an air conditioning unit that is energy efficient. Equally, there are potential health benefits associated with having an air conditioning system, particularly for those who live in relatively hotter climatic regions. The prospect of investing your money in a high-quality HVAC unit can potentially have a substantial positive impact on your overall health. Air conditioners are known to create a good, clean and healthy environment free from harmful substances such as allergens, dust, and bacteria, a phenomenon that may help those suffering from debilitating health problems to have an improved standard of health.

Research has proven that even people with health good health can suffer from the effects of high temperatures and the invisible airborne particles which are found in nearly every kind of building. Insecticides, fumes, stale air and other disease-causing organisms need to be managed. If you didn’t know, even basic house odours might signal that you need an improved air quality. Smell is usually an indication of chemically active particles in the air. Even though the smell might not be that much toxic, it usually won’t do much for your breathing. With a modern energy efficient air conditioner at your disposal, all these problems will be things of the past.

Another great benefit of having an air conditioning system installed in your home is the reduction of stress and fatigue caused by extreme temperatures. Temperature and humidity are known to affect how your body functions. Excessive amounts of both heat and cold can result in your system using more energy than it usually does, a factor that might make you suffer from constant conditions such as colds, coughs, headaches and other elusive symptoms. Equally, you are more likely to suffer dehydration in an area with low humidity, which in turn, makes you lose substantial amounts of moisture even as your body adapts to such an environment. For the overall comfort of your family, you’ll have to have an air conditioning in your house.

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If you are considering to install an HVAC system in your newly acquired home, it would be an excellent idea to invest in an energy efficient device. Currently, there are numerous kinds of cooling and heating devices, and this means that it can be a daunting task to find the best device that suits your needs. Arguably, window HVAC conditioner is arguably the most energy efficient and cost-saving cooling device you can find around. With the ever-increasing cost of living, it would be unwise to install an energy-consuming HVAC unit.

Window air conditioner typically cools only a single room that you want it to cool. By providing cold air where it’s needed, a window cooling unit is relatively lesser expensive to operate, even though its overall efficiency is somewhat lower.

Selecting the right size window air conditioner.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that the ideal cooling ability of any type of heating device is mainly affected by the size of the room to be cooled. Proper sizing is a crucial factor that must be considered. Purchasing a big room air conditioner won’t necessarily make you feel comfortable. Experts warn that a heating & cooling unit which is too big for a room will likely perform less efficiently than a smaller and adequately sized cooling unit. Equally, you’ll have to ensure that the electrical system in your home will meet your unit’s energy requirements.

Typically, window devices work on 115 or 230-volt units. Again, if you’ll be mounting your unit near a corner of your house, opt for a unit which can channel the airflow to the desired room.

Other great features that are worth considering may include:

  • A built-in timer
  • A filter which comes out effortlessly for seamless and regular cleaning.
  • A digital display of the thermostat setting.
  • Logically arranged controls.

After having your unit installed, you must learn to know how to operate it. It is recommended that you should not place televisions, lamps and other devices closer to your window air cooling unit’s thermostat. This is because the thermostat senses the heat generated by these appliances, and this will cause your unit to strain and use higher amounts of energy. Also, set your unit’s thermostat appropriately during the summer. If you didn’t know, the less difference regarding the outside and indoor temperature readings, the lower the energy bills will be. Of course, your unit will come with a user manual which you’ll need to go through to learn how you’ll operate it.

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Keeping up a home can be extremely costly. From running the electric to running the water, everything includes. A standout among the most critical and costly utilities in the house is warming water. Having an appropriate heated water tank impacts every extraordinary kind of day to day life. It is a reality than 10% of all utilities are spent on warming water, that is the reason having a legitimate private water warming service is critical. What’s more, a private water warming service is there to enable you to make sense of and pick precisely what is appropriate for your home.

One of the new services that are accessible is the alternative of having a tank-less water heating appliance. This tank-less choice is likewise called an “on request” framework since the water is warmed quickly as or when it is required. There is no requirement for a tank to keep boiling water put away and holding up to be utilized. The water is warmed to the coveted temperature at the correct minute it is required.

Another advantage of a private water heater service is the real service they give. The water heater organization is fit for not just introducing the water heater into your home, however, keeping up it too, settling or repairing when required. Furthermore, if required be they are likewise equipped for supplanting the framework through and through. They can do this rapidly and effectively on the grounds that a home can be radically disturbed by an absence of heated water.

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One other advantage that is accessible these days for your water warming framework is the accessibility of an Eco benevolent framework. These new Eco neighborly frameworks are accessible to make warming your water significantly more affordable while additionally making them more proficient. These new Eco neighborly frameworks are accessible in both electric and gas models and both can spare your home enormous measure of cash after some time, and also be gainful for the earth which is constantly great nowadays.

After some time any utility will get costly, the correct measures can simply be taken to decrease those expenses. One approach to guarantee this is by finding the correct water heater service for you. Regardless of whether the framework for you is electric or gas, eco well disposed or not. There is a wide range of sorts and water heating services are there to enable you to make sense of which one is ideal for your home and which one will be the most cost productive for you.


light switch wiring

Just like any other electrical tasks, it is important for any homeowners to learn a couple of troubleshooting tips before starting with any DIY light switch wiring projects. In fact, there are many factors to examine when you plan to troubleshoot an electrical area, but the followings are 4 most basic things.

Understanding those useful tips, and you will find it much simpler to do any light switch wiring tasks.

Before getting started

As usual, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions before starting the project. First, is the power or switch off? Or, are the light bulbs burned out? In addition, it is necessary to check if the GFCI is tripped or the GFI receptacle. Lastly, is the fuse blown or the breaker tripped? If this is the case, you should identify the underlying cause.

Safety is the top priority

A safety tip to remember before the examination is that you should never work with an energized wire or circuit. Thus, it is necessary to find out and turn off the circuits. After that, mark the circuit to inform other people in the family that you are working on it and they should leave it off.

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Before any wire testing, make sure to insulate the wires with a good piece of electrical tape or cap them with wire nuts. This is especially necessary if you need to turn the circuits on.

In addition, keep in mind to keep the hot wire with either red or black electrical tape. By doing this, you can differentiate it from other wires in the system.

Identify loose connections

One of the main problems that you might face while troubleshooting the light switch wiring might be loose connections. Thus, ensure that the wires are firmly attached to the switch. What’s more, double check to make sure that the screws are properly tightened to keep those wires in place.

Check the wire ends

Similarly, have a look at the wire ends for any sights of frayed, nicked or bent areas. If one of these problems happens, the connection might be negatively affected. To resolve this problem, you should cut those wire ends and remove the plastic cover until it reveals about 1 inch of raw wire.

Examine exposed bare wires

Another thing to consider might be the bare wires, which would be exposed to and touch the electrical box. As a result, it would trip the circuit breaker or blow the fuse.

To avoid this issue, make sure to coat your wires with adequate plastic sheathing. If they are not protected enough on the outer.

Replace the switch

In most cases, a complete replacement of the switch is the only solution to wiring issues in your house. This is simply because switches work as mechanical components that are able to stop and break down functioning. After using for several years, those units will quickly wear out. Thus, it is advisable to replace the old switch with a new one.

But before making this replacement, keep in mind to choose a good switch that can work well with the circuit, A common way to check a new switch is that it should have the same terminals and screws like the one.


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Issues with electrical equipment are very common at home and even in the workplace. Electrical devices are often misused, damaged, overloaded, and not properly maintained making it necessary sometimes for people to seek electrical services. Other times, the owner of the equipment can replace or repair damages but it’s often a risky affair. It is recommended that you seek the help from experts who will ensure that they correctly fix the equipment and they are left working safely. It is important that you conduct an electric inspection regularly at your home or workplace to ensure that your electrical appliances are operating well and there is no danger to human life. There are cases where people suffer electric shocks caused by open wires and cables that are not fixed. Either way, whether or not there is a visible electrical problem, services from an electrician is inevitable.

Who is perfect for the Job?

When you want to hire someone to carry out electrical services, it is vital that the electrician delivers professional services for your repairs. The person should not only be an expert but also certified and insured. You have to make sure that the electrical services carried out will serve you for the longest time. Nonetheless, it may be quite difficult to know if an electrician is up to the task by just a mere phone interview. Some people seek referrals from friends and family whom they trust will lead you to the right person to do the job. Below are some of the evaluation tips that will ensure excellent electrical services.

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Evaluation Criteria

  • An electrician should willingly provide his licenses and insurance details to you. However, for a private contractor, the details might be easier to produce unlike for a company employee. You should not be tempted to hire a skilled person in your neighbourhood who provides electrical services. This is because if anything happens to them, you need to prepare to carry the financial and legal burden for employing an unqualified person.
  • Obtain a quote before the works begin. You can decide to have several quotes from electricians before you can settle on one and negotiate. Some companies give discounts to new customers in order to retain them.
  • For all electrical works, it is required that the electrician seeks permission from relevant bodies. Seeking approval will ensure that insurance is aware of the risks that may be incurred and are consequently ready in case of any compensation. Though the permits might delay the beginning of the repairs, they are very necessary.
  • It is useful that a timeline for the entire project is known to you and any adjustments along the process should be indicated. The electrician needs to give a timeline for the completion of the project so that you are able to plan ahead.
  • The electrician needs to listen to you keenly and provide the details fit your specifications. These professionals need to explain the process using simple language that you can understand. The decision to bring someone to help with your electrical services at home or at your workplace requires that you are fully involved in the entire process.


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Though it offers lots of potential benefits, electricity remains a dangerous thing that claims lots of lives every year in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Any modern home is now filled with electrical systems including wiring, electrical appliances, security devices as well as computing devices and networks. Simply put, our lives now revolve around electricity since we heavily rely on it for our daily operations. Unfortunately, this only implies that you’ll occasionally face a number of electrical repair problems in your house.

The question now becomes, should you attempt to do the electrical repair problems in your home or they should entirely be left to the trained individuals? The answer to this particular question is obvious. As previously mentioned, electricity claims the lives of many people across the globe and studies tend to show that close to thirty per cent of all electricity-related casualties are as a result of do-it-yourself projects. This implies that you should always consult your local electrician if you have any electrical issues.

However, for those who have some basic electrical knowledge, there are certain home electrical projects that you can as well do on your own.

What should I do before attempting to do the Do-It-Yourself project?

First and foremost, it is imperative to note that before you begin to work on any electrical appliance, there are some factors that you must take into consideration. When it comes to performing any home electrical repairs, you must ensure that the power supply is off. When there is no electrical flow, most of the electrical repairs we are going to discuss will not only be entirely safe but equally doable.

For maximum safety, you are highly advised to turn off your main power. This is extremely useful for those who may not be in a position to correctly locate or identify the right circuit breaker in their home. The importance of this is that you’ll be utterly certain that you have disabled the power source.

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Some common electrical repair problems that need the attention of a highly qualified electrical expert.

A regularly tripping circuit breaker.

On most occasions, this is a problem witnessed among old homes that were constructed nearly fifty years ago. Perhaps this is because such homes may not be able to supply an adequate amount of electrical energy needed to power some of your appliances. If you didn’t know, circuit overloads could potentially make your circuit breaker to overload, and this is a dangerous problem. This implies that you’ll need to upgrade your switch to meet the energy requirements of your appliances. If you are someone on a strict budget, you can as well add subpanels at a relatively minimal cost. However, if your fuse box or panels are too old, you’ll have no option but to install newer ones that can safely accommodate all your electrical devices.

A Strange odour is being produced by my receptacle or switches.

This can be an indication that something is not quite right with your electrical wiring. You should act fairly fast to ensure that the primary source of the smell is detected as soon as possible. It is highly advisable that you should closely examine your receptacles and switches and if you discover any visible problem, you must replace the switch with immediate effect. In most instances, arcing in the fixture is known to cause a faint smell, and if you were not aware, arcs can cause fires very quickly and should be avoided as much as possible.

Ever increasing electrical bills.

This can be an intimidating electrical problem to experience, and you’ll need to contact your electrician to inspect and assess some of your electrical appliances. Poor insulation, inadequate installation of electrical devices as well as old furnaces are some of the apparent causes of ever-increasing energy bills. However, by inviting an experienced electrician to assess your home, you’ll be able to confirm the cause of the problem and find amicable solutions to them.

Plugs regularly fall off the outlets.

Electrical switches and outlets are specifically designed to grip the prongs for a safe and perfect and secure connection. However, as a result of normal wear and tear, the gripping power of outlets will always diminish. If you realize that your plugs are always falling out of the affected outlet, call your local electrician for replacement. This is because worn out or loose outlets can result in arc fires behind the drywall.

These are just a few examples of common electrical problems you’ll likely experience in your home. As usual, you should only seek the help of a highly-trained professional to solve all types of your electrical repair issues.


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So you’ve finally decided that you want to become a licensed electrician. You’ll have a long way to go before you become licensed and certified, and one step towards achieving that is by going on an electrician apprenticeship. Read on to learn about tips on how to find opportunities for electrician apprenticeships in your area.

1. Find work as a general labour first

As a general labourer, you’ll be able to learn the different aspects of construction, including electrical work. While you probably won’t be able to directly work on the electrical aspects of the project you are hired into, you’ll be able to meet people in the industry who can help refer you to electrician apprenticeships in the future.

Working as a general labourer is also a good test of your strength and stamina, to see if you can handle the physical demands of a Melbourne electrician job in the future.

2. Contact local businesses in your area who might need some electrical work done and ask if you can apply to work for them as an apprentice

The success rate of doing cold calls for an electrician apprenticeship would be considered small, but at the very least, you’ll be able to get in touch with local business owners who can become potential employers in the future. Building your network is important as an electrician, and doing cold calls is one step towards that direction.

3. Visit your area’s trade union for electricians, who might have a ready list of apprenticeship opportunities you can look into

Getting in touch with your local union is a way to stay updated with available apprenticeships and possible job prospects in the future.

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4. Take a basic training program for electricians in your local training academy or trade school

You will need to understand and learn the theoretical and conceptual part of being an electrician before you can get into an electrician apprenticeship, so it would be ideal for you to take a class at your local trade school or training academy for the basics.

5. Build your network of contractors, business owners, and other electricians who can refer you to available apprenticeships

You might think being a Melbourne electrician is a solitary job, but like most other professions where you offer a service, knowing the right people can be key. Continuously get in touch and reach out to other electricians, contractors and business owners who might know of any electrician apprenticeships and job prospects in the future.

Once you find apprenticeships to apply for, follow these tips to help you land the job:

  • Be prompt. Don’t just be on time for your interview, be early. It demonstrates your enthusiasm for the job and your professionalism.
  • Show your enthusiasm and willingness to work and learn. Be attentive and engage your interviewer in conversation.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Demonstrate your interpersonal skills. Working in an electrician apprenticeship will require you to deal with different types of people, and showing that you will be able to work well with others is a key characteristic that hiring managers would be looking for.

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air conditioning service

When you want to reduce the cost of air conditioner services, you should ensure that you know the ways that will enable you to achieve it. Those homeowners who have tried it have been able to make their choices well thus being able to achieve the best results. Here are the six ways of reducing air conditioning service cost that you must know today:

1. Keeping up with your routine maintenance practices

If you do not already have a given proactive program of maintenance for the HVAC system, it is time that you schedule semi or annual service by hiring qualified HVAC service expert or company. With their help, they will make sure that they assist you during the process whenever you need the best solutions for yourself. You will learn how to get efficient settings or components to enable it to work correctly.

2. Change regularly your air filters

Changing the air filters of your air conditioning system once a month can help you reduce the costs. In addition, you should follow directions given by the filter or furnace manufacturer to help you in ensuring your system is running smoothly with uninterrupted airflow.

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3. Operating your HVAC system at stable or optimum temperatures

The temperature that you set for your thermostat can determine your personal comfort whenever you need it to work perfectly. When you do it right, you will learn how to save the costs that exist while enhancing levels of comforts in your home. You can consult experts who will assist you whenever you need the best solutions for your home. Ultimately, it will make your HVAC system to efficiently thus saving you lots of money.

4. Sealing your home especially from drafts

Most people often think that stopping air infiltration especially in colder months of winter can help you reduce the costs. You can do it by Beefing up your insulation that would work well for your home. In addition, having adequate insulation can prevent heat loss thus helping you save on the cost of hiring the services whenever you need the best. If you are not sure about the insulation levels of your home, you can consult with an insulation professional or energy auditor for guidance.

5. Use blinds, drapes or curtains to help in controlling temperatures

Window coverings can sometimes have a big effect on the cooling or heating load of your home. You can use curtains, drapes or blinds to help you reduce the cost of air conditioner service.

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6. Use a programmable thermostat

If you do not have a programmable thermostat installed in your home, you should do it since it can save you in dealing with the levels of costs. Through this, it will help you in reducing your energy usage levels thus making your home secure at the same time enhancing the levels of comfort. In addition, you can turn down your thermostat by setting the coolest temperatures during winter and highest temperatures when you want a comfortable life.

In summary, the above tips will help you reduce air conditioner repairs cost whenever you need the best solutions for your home.

home electrical repair

Electrical wiring installation is compulsory so as to get the power supply in your home for handling heat and various home gadgets. This specific part construction phase is advised to be done by a qualified electrician. However in case one wants to do the wiring, it is recommended that they study the basic of wiring installation in your home.

Whenever one is thinking of carrying out a do-it-yourself project which involves wiring your home, one should make sure they proceed with this project with utmost caution and have much of house wiring information. Getting familiar with common wiring mistakes and problems is a good way of preventing a disaster from occurring in your home in the future. Here are a number of tips that will come in handy when conducting an electrical wiring. Read along to get to know more.

  • Handling Live Wires

Each year, a great number of DIY-ers fall victim to electric shocks while working with live wires. To remain safe while handling live wires, ensure to always turn off the main house circuit breaker or remove fuses properly before tackling this sort of home installation projector when doing electrical rewiring your old house.

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  • Improper Light Bulbs

There is normally a reason why companies list the maximum wattage allowed on sockets and even light fixtures. Contrary to a widespread belief, the usage of a higher wattage won’t brighten up your home any better, but will only cause more damage to your lights, which may heat up your wires to a point causing a house fire.

  • Correct Grounding

It is vital that receptacles are wired correctly with the proper polarity and grounding. Grounded wires normally display copper grounding wire. If one lives in an older home, wires should appear white and black. Before starting an electrical wiring project any, it is of the essence to test your house for grounded wiring. A UL Listed circuit tester outlet is the most effective approach. When outlets get improperly grounded, this can be the start of your electrical problems. Ensure you call an electrician to look at it.

  • Old Wires

When attaching new lighting fixtures, ensure that wires in your house can allow the wiring transition. For instance, older homes may have a wiring system with a low-temperature rating. DIY-ers normally will overlook this wiring tip. However, to reduce the risk of unnecessary fires, check the wiring rating before installing your lights. The resolution to unsuitability is upgrading the wiring or seeking out fixtures which will satisfy the right supply range connection.

  • Splicing

When merging electrical wires in your house, it is important to always display matching wire sizes and kinds. homeowners who join wires by twisting ends together and covering the outcome with an electrical tape normally face a high risk of encountering electric problems in the near future. Also, remember that metal or plastic holders normally lessen fire risks.

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Often, most electricity related home fires erupt not because these homeowners are careless on home maintenance. Many in fact are quite responsible; they just don’t get enough information when it comes to electrical wiring and safety. For instance, when it comes to your basement electrical wiring, not many house owners realize that keeping basements unsoiled and free of pests is very important for the longevity of your electrical wires and ensuring they keep being properly connected.

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Modern day technology has not only changed our way of cooking but has also enhanced it incredibly. Cooking devices have become an integral part of any kitchenware, but, a vast majority of individuals are still not aware of the amazing cooking opportunities modern day appliances can offer. You now have a whole host of high-end Cooking devices to choose from depending on your pocket as well as your personal experience and preferences. Arguably, one such cooking device that has taken the world by storm is the electric stove. The emergence of electric stoves has resulted in many people switching from the conventional cooking methods to more efficient and dependable cooking styles.

Typically, an electric stove is an oven that functions holistically with the electrical heating element to enhance efficient cooking and baking. There are lots of potential benefits that you would get by investing in an electric stove including:

  • They are cost-effective: Even though the initial electric stove installation costs of electric stoves may seem quite high, they are highly profitable in the long run. Perhaps this is because they consume very much less energy, a factor that may help reduce your monthly energy bills significantly.
  • They enhance efficient cooking: Unlike the other traditional cooking methods, electric stoves usually distribute heat evenly thus ensuring the every part of your cooking pan receives the heat. This not only makes your cooking experience more enjoyable but makes your food delicious as well. What’s more fun than cooking a delicious meal on an energy-saving device?
  • They are easy to use: An electric stove is a simple machine that any homeowner should find incredibly easy to operate. It usually turns on and off at the twist of a knob, and this implies that you’ll find it friendly. In fact, even your small kids can handle it as well.
  • They are incredibly versatile: The availability of additional grills coupled with smooth top makes it ideal for all of your pots. What’s more, it supports roasting on different cooking modes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: It has been proven that most homeowners would prefer a device that is easy to clean and maintain. Electric stoves come in handy in this regard. All you need is to wipe and clean the grills and the cooking top after you are done with your cooking.

 electrician repair

Despite the vast benefits offered by electric stoves, they do come with some challenges. As with any electrical home appliance, an electric stove is equally prone to occasional part failures. Even though it is highly recommended that you should have a well-trained and licensed electrician inspect your device, there are a number of electrical repair problems that you can tackle by yourself.

So let us examine a few examples of such easy-to-solve electric stove problems

Changing of a malfunctioning burner

You all know how burner issues can result in lots of frustrations. Thankfully, it is usually a simple task to correct. A poor connection with your socket as well as a faulty power outlet is generally the common culprits. However, before you attempt anything, always ensure you have unplugged the electric stove. To confirm that the issue is solely based on your burner, try replacing it with a functional one. If you realise that the new one too doesn’t heat, the problem may be emanating from the infinite switch or the socket you are using. You should contact your local electrician immediately.

Failure in heat adjustment

Instead of the stove emitting different levels of heat depending on the knob adjustment, it becomes completely on or off regardless of the setting. The infinite switch of your stove which is connected to the dial could be the most probable cause of failure. Chances of the power levels being regulated are minimal and hence the need to remove your panel to access the infinite switch. You’ll need to test your switch using a multimeter to confirm the state of your switch. The simple conclusion should be that the infinite switch is bad and thus needs replacement.

One element not heating

It is caused by a burned out element. You should carry out a test for continuity to ascertain the cause of the problem. A damaged element won’t show any visible sign of continuity.

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Lack of power to the oven

You should first examine the fuse as well as the terminal block within the unit. Carefully review any symptoms of overheating and perhaps melting terminals.

These are straightforward and practical tips that can allow you to repair and maintain your stove in a relatively cheaper way. As always, if you are not sure about anything, just contact your local technician for assistance.