When Is It Time To Call A SwitchBoard Upgrade Professional


A switchboard is an essential item in the electrical system of your home.  Its primary responsibility is to distribute electricity to the entire house. The devices today feature a safety switch that interrupts the power supply if there is any problem.

Most older homes do not have the new switchboards. If you live in such a house, it is best to call a switchboard to upgrade Hobart expert to upgrade your system.  There are numerous reasons for this as you will uncover below.

Why Are Old Switchboards Not Ideal?

Old switchboards do not come with modern safety switches which make them susceptible to electrical fires and electrocutions. The ceramic fuses they use are well-known hazards for electrical shocks and fire risks.

Because of the absence of the switches, they do not have the capacity to cut off electricity supply if there is an overload or any other problem. It is paramount that you have a professional check out your system, it is has been around before the release of the modern devices.

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Noteworthy is that the switchboards cannot handle the recent demand for power. Homes, nowadays have many appliances that use power at the same time. You cannot compare these with twenty years ago when the machines were minimal.

Note that even when you are thinking about getting solar panels, you may still have to upgrade. The new switch gearing and the new metering needs additional space that your old machine may not handle well.

Signs That You Need To Upgrade

The old switchboards have a variety of signs that show it is time for an update like:

  •         Fuses blowing regularly
  •         Flickering lights
  •         The switchboard has rewirable fuses
  •         Circuit breakers always tripping
  •         The main switch reads 40amps

Hiring The Right Professional

Handling electricity is a very sensitive issue; thus, it does not require amateurs messing things up as it may end up becoming fatal.  For this reason, you must identify a switchboard upgrade Hobart official who is up for the task.

Take time to conduct thorough research and do not be afraid to ask for references from people who have worked with the electrical specialist before. In addition to excellent skills on paper, the electrician handling the job should also have a warm personality that allows you to enjoy an incredible working relationship.

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Do not be afraid to terminate contracts even at the last minute should you feel that something is not right. Your priority should be to stay safe, and your guts might save you from poor services.

What Are The Costs Of Upgrading?

When you find a switchboard upgrade Hobart, specialist, you will incur a minor investment than if you were to rebuild your house and buy new property because of fire.

Even without factoring in potential fire risk, the expenses you will incur are minimal when you consider costs of other upgrades and renovations around the house.

Talk to different professionals to get a quote so that you can go with the one that offers the best rates in the market without compromising on quality.