Troubleshooting Tips for a Heater that is Blowing Cold Air

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Heater blowing cold air


Cold air blown from your heater during the winter may be quite alarming. However, this issue may be resolved without a service call. It is, therefore, worthwhile to carry out a little bit of troubleshooting by yourself. You will realise that some heater problems are minor handle them by following these simple troubleshooting steps:

Cold Air from Your Vents

Consider the circumstances where cold air may be coming from your vents. Starting your heater for the first time will come with this scenario and the cold air will blow for a short while and get replaced as the heater warms up. Prior to system ignition, your ducts contain air at the same temperature as the air in the whole room. It may even be colder if your ducts lack proper insulation or the crawl spaces are chilly. As this cold air is blown out of the system, soon the hot air will follow. In this case, there isn’t an issue with your equipment.

Thermostat Setting

However, if cold air blows continuously from your equipment and doesn’t warm up, there may be a significant problem to deal with. Check your thermostat since this could affect the heater operation. Ensure that the thermostat is set for heating operation and adjust accordingly. Verify that your temperature setting is higher than the existing room temperature. The thermostat won’t switch on for more heat if the temperature setting is low. Also, verify that the battery is good enough since the low battery can affect the communication between the thermostat and your heater.

The System’s Pilot Light

Check your system’s pilot light to ensure that it’s brightly lit. If it doesn’t relight, you may need to check your fuel supply. Additionally, check your gas valve in case it was shut off inadvertently or your utility company could be having an outage. Test an alternative gas-burning appliance to ascertain the availability of gas.

Reboot Your System

You can try rebooting your heating system by adjusting down the thermostat settings to cut off the heating action then turn it up again. Also, disconnect the electricity supply to the heater, let it stay for three minutes then turn it back on. You can then raise the thermostat setting to a higher temperature higher than the room temperature and verify the operation of your heater. Allow the heater to operate for a few minutes and verify whether it still blows cold air.

Calling for Heating Repair

If your troubleshooting actions don’t resolve the problem of cold air, do not try to open up the panels,  call for help from a professional heating repair technician in Melbourne. The problem could be emanating from electronic components. There could also be a burner failure or issues with the heat exchanger. Your technician is able to carry out a series of tests to identify the exact cause of the trouble.

Always note that prevention is better than cure, the best way to limit the risks of heater problems during winter is to schedule for preventive maintenance during the fall. The heater maintenance technicians will tune-service your heater to ensure safe and optimum operation when desired.