Top Five TV Installation Tips To Remember

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The installation of a flat screen TV on the wall should be a simple job that you can do easily by following some simple directions. With a proper guide, you should be able to do them by following the given instructions. Here is a guide on how to install Flat screen TV without having to encounter the difficulties:

1. Choose where you would love to install your flat TV

You must take some time when you want to decide on the place where you would love to mount your TV. The place should be a location in your house that will give you a good view whenever you are watching your TV. You can seek help from your family members to assist you to make a decision whenever you are making your decision.

2. Planning the Runs of Your Cable

Your cable runs must be planned since it will probably help you in minimizing the visibility of your cables in the house especially when you need them to work properly. In addition, you must know where to buy these new longer cables, which will help you in installing TV.

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3. Buy Cable Hiding Products

The market has several products for cable-hiding, which you can buy whenever you need the best ones on the market. When you make the right choice, you will have an easy time during your installation while making it look better. A typical cable runs will need you to buy coax (RG 6), power, HDMI, USB and audio.


Wall mounting of a TV means that you must invest in a good extension cord that would work for you. Most modern TVs do not come with an extra-long power cord, which means that you must buy it if you want to avoid any power interruptions when watching.


The coax cable will enable you to connect your house at the same time running your TV or cable box easily. It is usually a given RG 6 specification cable that is capable of carrying signals from your satellite TV provider or cable TV easily.


You can buy several devices to use an HDMI cable thus providing video and audio to your TV. Your satellite TV or cable will provide you with that cable box for your digital video recorder (DVR).

4. Mounting the TV Bracket to your Wall

Mounting your TV should be done securely to your wall at the same time depending on your walls’ construction. TVs can sometimes be heavy at the same time needing a heavy-duty connection in between the wall and the mount. Before you do it, you should ensure that you read the instructions that will enable you to do it correctly.

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5. Test your TV after installation

You must ensure that you test your TV after installation to make sure that it works properly especially when you need the best options. In case of any problem, you make adjustments appropriately or else you may need to contact an electrician.

In conclusion, the above are the top five tv installation tips to remember when you want to make your home more lively with entertainment.