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We love our various home appliances because they make life easier and our home a better and more comfortable place to live in, but let’s face it – not all of them are exactly pleasing to the eye. How many times have you looked at a space in your home that you’ve impeccably decorated, only to be put off by the giant bulky home appliance that ruins the view?

Thankfully, modern technology has worked with modern design to ensure a lot of the newer appliances not only function the way we want them to, but also look the way we want them to in order to match our sleek and chic contemporary homes.

Not convinced? We’ve scoured the market to gather a list of the most stylish air conditioners available for your home. They’re so stylishly designed, they could pass as a work of art worthy of display in your home!

Noria Air Conditioning Window Unit

air conditioning serviceNow here’s an air conditioner that’s a true product of the digital age, with social media as one of its parents. The team behind Noria started their project as a crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter, and have so far raised over a million dollars to get their unique window-type air conditioner into production.

You’ve never seen a window-type air conditioner like the Noria before. It does away with the clunky, boxy style of a typical window-type air conditioner for a sleek, curved structure that’s also less than half the size of standard air conditioners.

But beyond aesthetics, the Noria also boasts numerous new features, from easy installation, control via Bluetooth, and easy storage (it even has a carry-on handle to show you just how portable it can be!). Finally, it has a fresh air mode that allows users to allow cool air from the outside into the home during those cool spring and autumn months.

Quirky + GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditionerair conditioning installation

A product from GE’s collaboration with startup Quirky looks more like a set of cool speakers than a window type air conditioner. Besides its chic aesthetic, the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner can learn about its surroundings and adjust its cooling productivity accordingly, making it an efficient appliance. It can actually learn the patterns of how you want to cool your home, and eventually will adjust its settings accordingly. Now that’s an air conditioner of the future!

air conditioner installationMidea VP Series Air Conditioner

This wall-mounted air conditioner has won awards for its unique and stylish design that uses real glass, unlike any other air conditioner in the market. What’s more, it has an intelligent LED display interface that helps make its operation a breeze.  


Frigidaire Cool Connect Room Air Conditioner

Redesigned in 2016, these air conditioners were inspired by the sleek design of flat screen TVs and acoustic speakers, which is reflected in its own design and minimalist controls. It streamlined structure makes it look less bulky than the average air conditioner. It is also a smart home appliance that can be controlled from your smartphone, wherever you are.

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Air conditioners, as convenient as they are in keeping your home nice and cool during a hot day, can potentially invite harmful bacteria and allergens into your home. This is, of course, an exceptional inconvenience for someone who may be extremely sensitive to allergens, and may lead to you having to decide between keeping the air conditioner on to cool your house, or turning it off to avoid the massive influx of harmful debris from the outside. Luckily, however, some modern air conditioning systems come with UV filters that help combat and prevent allergens, spores, and bacteria from entering your home through the air conditioner system. The filter utilises ultraviolet light to kill off these harmful pathogens, offering an immense amount of relief.

The following offers a bit more information regarding when is the best time to have a UV filter installed.

Who Should Have a UV Filter in their Air Conditioner?

Not everyone requires a UV filter to use their air conditioner comfortably. However, the following is a list of instances when having one installed is probably for the best.

  • You have allergies: This one is obvious, as the UV helps in killing potential allergens from entering your home.
  • Your house is older or made of wood: spores can easily become dislodged from the outside surface of your home and travel inside through the air conditioning system. Older homes tend to have quite the build-up of spores or dust that may make it difficult to breathe. UV filters are definitely something worth having on your air conditioner if your home is noticeably old or is giving off unpleasant odours.
  • Your home is noticeably humid, or you live in a warmer environment: mould and bacteria tend to fester in areas of high humidity or warmth. Having a UV filter can help combat the large amounts of irritants in the air.

In general, whenever you have difficulty in breathing or live in a place that is susceptible to a massive influx of irritants, a UV filter is preferred. However, do these filters impede efficiency?

Are UV Filters Detrimental to Efficiency?

The simple answer is no. A normal UV filter can cost less than $90 a year in giving you and your family peace of mind that the air you’re breathing in is free from any harmful debris. This cost is inclusive of how much energy it takes to have the bulb running year round, and potentially replacing the bulb every year (although some better bulbs don’t need to be replaced until several years a time). The filter is also unobtrusive, so you can be sure that the airflow from your air conditioner is as it should be, so you can be confident that you’re not giving up efficiency for better air quality.

Maintenance of the Filter

Normally the filter should be inspected at the same time you’re inspecting your air conditioning unit, which can be anywhere from every 6 months to every year. If you notice that your house is getting more odours than usually, then it may be time to replace the bulb.

Final Thoughts

Is a UV Filter for your AC unit a good investment? It certainly is if you’re worried about the air quality of your home. Newer air conditioners have the filter pre-installed, so if you’re looking to replace an old and overused AC, then it may be time to start looking into one with a UV filter.

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If you are looking for any reputable and reliable air conditioning service company in Sydney, you need to look carefully at some considerations to avoid chances whereby unqualified individuals play the role of repairing your aircon. It is very advisable that before hiring any air conditioner contractor, that you do an intensive research about the various types and the services they offer. This can greatly help you save a lot in the long run and also you will be assured of the getting the best services when it comes to aircon repairs. So don’t be in a hurry of hiring the first contractor you see upon research but rather get more and more and evaluate them one by one to exactly find the perfect one. Below are some ways in which for finding the perfect air conditioning service in Sydney:

Suggestions from relatives or family members

One of the best ways to find the best air conditioning contractor is by getting different suggestions from your relatives and family members because there are some chances that one of them may have had a problem with his aircon and used a particular contractor or company to solve the problem perfectly. The same people can also give you a clear guide on certain areas where these contractors can be found with ease.

Internet research

This is another perfect way of finding the best air conditioning service in your area. Every individual who needs to repair his aircon can just simply open the yellow pages and find the perfect match he or she would like to work with. But this should be done with a lot of care because of the emergence of conmen who will insist on the good services they provide whereas they even don’t have the required knowledge or skills to perfectly undertake the repairs.

air conditioning installation


Through advertisement, an individual is able to get the best aircon repair services. Many companies do advertise their services in newspapers or even the media in order to capture many customers as possible and thus leading to high profits. Everyone should be careful when hiring these contractors because some may be very new to the industry and thus lacking the necessary skills.

In addition to this, ensure you check the following about the contractor:


It is a good idea to choose a licensed contractor to ensure that in case of any problem you can approach him or her for further services because they are aware of further problems that can be associated with the initial air conditioning service.

Time in the industry

Make sure that the company you hire has got some time within the industry providing high-quality services to its customers. This is because some new companies can just take advantage in order to make a lot of money for a short while.


Make sure that the company has qualified individuals who are made to take care of your aircon repair needs. This will prevent further damage to your aircon

In conclusion, following the above measures will get you out of trouble in terms of spending more and more on your air conditioning service while in Sydney. So is you are in need of the services, just take a time to find the perfect company and all will be undertaken very well. 

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Anyway, what do you do when the temperature starts to ascend in your home? Who do you ring to settle it without getting cheated? A great many people don’t have a clue about a mess about their warming and cooling frameworks. Perhaps they have had some administration work done already however by and large, when your framework goes down, you truly have no clue where to turn. For the most part, individuals will snatch the Yellow Pages or sign onto the Internet and look for organisations that offer domestic local air conditioning company in the territory where they live.

Most temporary workers realise that you may not know how much a specific part in your warming or cooling framework really cost so a few exchanges individuals may cite you a much higher cost to build their benefit! What’s more, you are ignorant regarding it since this is not something you experience each day. You would not have any desire to pay another administration call to have another person turn out and cite you another cost.

A few organisations have the shrewd thought to charge clients on what they will call “level rate evaluating”. This is much better from the “parts and work” charges a great many people know about. The thought is that a client would know precisely how much the repair will cost paying little respect to what extent it will take.

This most likely seems like a fair arrangement yet what it truly does is give the organisation the possibility not to advise clients of the parts and work breakdown on the grounds that as expressed, air conditioner repairs are on a level rate value premise.

What’s more, rather than the client overseeing the expert ensure he was not expanding the work charges, the client doesn’t comprehend what guideline was utilised to get the cost of a repair, the increase on the parts or how much work cost was included.

It is occasionally that there are any parts of a framework, particularly the ones that the professional would state that he carries on his truck, that may value more than $100 and take an hour or more to introduce. On account of this, you ought to decrease a repair that is higher than $275 which the professional may state should be possible “quickly”.

Proficient organisations have an accomplished group of air moulding engineers who routinely take a shot at a wide range of domestic and business ventures, from air conditioner establishment to upkeep. Furthermore, their administrative experts and architects ought to hold proper capabilities and go to producers courses to guarantee they are stayed up with the latest with cutting-edge mechanical advances.

Such trusted organisations comprehend the weights of cutting edge life and with a specific end goal to minimise disturbance, they will circumspectly arrange establishment around their customers’ business operation or your own calendar. To restrain the recurrence of gear breakdown and maintain a strategic distance from crisis call outs, they offer tailor-made air moulding support bundles.

A couple of metropolitan ranges similarly have isolated permitting determinations for repairing warming supplies. There is additionally the matter of administration quality that should be tended to. Attempt and discover whatever you can about a specialist co-op’s market notoriety. Discover what past clients need to say in regards to them and the sort of work they have done. Take a gander at their rates and contrast with deciding the esteem for cash you will get on the off chance that you enlist a specific organisation. Converse with them about how they will continue with the repairs and the group of specialists they will send to execute the venture. Every one of these elements will all in all help you in selecting the privilege central air repair expert.

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Electrical repairs can be as wide as having your place of business or home rewired or as easy as changing out a particular breaker in one of your home’s breaker boxes. In many cases, it is difficult to examine a distinct electrical issue that you might be having. Due to this, it is good to contact an expert to evaluate the task you might require to get accomplished. In this article is a list of major electrical repair activities that are conducted at an apartment, a small house or a place of business.

a). Upgrading

One sort of residential electrical repair is upgrading of your prevailing system. What this could imply is having modern receptacles installed, having brand-new wires fitted in your home or you could replace your current fixtures for superior ones. Another common upgrade is to raise the amount of electrical energy you have in your house by fitting more powerful breakers having greater wattage ratings.

b). Checking and Rating the whole electrical system

Another popular electrical repair is having your complete system inspected and rated. Unmistakably, you do not need anything operating continuously when it should not be since it can make you pay a lot of exaggerated power charges. Your electrician can come to your place of business or home and inspect each wire receptacle and outlet and ensure that you have a stable that is just in use when it is supposed to be.

c). Major repairs

A significant repair for an industrial setting would be to examine the wiring system that occurs underground that runs into the buildings. Repairing the main power line for either a house or particularly for a huge office is risk work and can just be managed by specialists. They can decide to dig up the spoiled wire and fully substitute it without interrupting the ground excessively and without causing any extra damage.

d). Emergency repairs

Emergency electrical repairs operation is common as well since it appears that electrical challenges normally happens at the critical time. In case you lose power, the safest action to take is to get it repaired as fast as possible. Ordinarily, having no power can be serious because you would not have HVAC, won’t have any lights and you cannot actually operate like you are used to. It is recommended that you have a qualified electrician come out and investigate any repairs that might require to be undertaken if you are experiencing a power outage.


An electrical repair is that one sort of business or home repair you can not appear to discover on your own. One of the reasons that cause this is the fact that quite a number of electrical systems are a bit complex and can be deadly if they are not handled by a trained expert. To be certain about your electrical repairs, calling in an electrician should be your best alternative for any kind of repair task that is required.

It is always a good practice to take immediate action whenever you notice the slightest problem with your electric system. It might appear costly but in the long run, you will have saved your property from further damage.

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Heater blowing cold air


Cold air blown from your heater during the winter may be quite alarming. However, this issue may be resolved without a service call. It is, therefore, worthwhile to carry out a little bit of troubleshooting by yourself. You will realise that some heater problems are minor handle them by following these simple troubleshooting steps:

Cold Air from Your Vents

Consider the circumstances where cold air may be coming from your vents. Starting your heater for the first time will come with this scenario and the cold air will blow for a short while and get replaced as the heater warms up. Prior to system ignition, your ducts contain air at the same temperature as the air in the whole room. It may even be colder if your ducts lack proper insulation or the crawl spaces are chilly. As this cold air is blown out of the system, soon the hot air will follow. In this case, there isn’t an issue with your equipment.

Thermostat Setting

However, if cold air blows continuously from your equipment and doesn’t warm up, there may be a significant problem to deal with. Check your thermostat since this could affect the heater operation. Ensure that the thermostat is set for heating operation and adjust accordingly. Verify that your temperature setting is higher than the existing room temperature. The thermostat won’t switch on for more heat if the temperature setting is low. Also, verify that the battery is good enough since the low battery can affect the communication between the thermostat and your heater.

The System’s Pilot Light

Check your system’s pilot light to ensure that it’s brightly lit. If it doesn’t relight, you may need to check your fuel supply. Additionally, check your gas valve in case it was shut off inadvertently or your utility company could be having an outage. Test an alternative gas-burning appliance to ascertain the availability of gas.

Reboot Your System

You can try rebooting your heating system by adjusting down the thermostat settings to cut off the heating action then turn it up again. Also, disconnect the electricity supply to the heater, let it stay for three minutes then turn it back on. You can then raise the thermostat setting to a higher temperature higher than the room temperature and verify the operation of your heater. Allow the heater to operate for a few minutes and verify whether it still blows cold air.

Calling for Heating Repair

If your troubleshooting actions don’t resolve the problem of cold air, do not try to open up the panels,  call for help from a professional heating repair technician in Melbourne. The problem could be emanating from electronic components. There could also be a burner failure or issues with the heat exchanger. Your technician is able to carry out a series of tests to identify the exact cause of the trouble.

Always note that prevention is better than cure, the best way to limit the risks of heater problems during winter is to schedule for preventive maintenance during the fall. The heater maintenance technicians will tune-service your heater to ensure safe and optimum operation when desired.

When summer temperature in Sydney scorches and the humidity makes it fell like you’re swimming through a world full of soup, air conditioner is a must. Undoubtedly, staying cool all day in this sweltering heat must come at a cost of increasing electricity bills. Homeowners must look for the effective and efficient ways to reduce energy bills, while also staying cool at the same time.

Digital Thermostat with a male hand, set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Saved with clipping path for thermostat and hand combined.

The easiest way to reduce energy consumption is to cut back unnecessary energy use. The ideal air conditioner temperature setting may depend on your priorities. Your electricity bill will be lower if you set your thermostat in higher degree in summer. So, if keeping energy lower is your first priority higher temperature will serve. However, if you are looking for extra comfort, you might want to turn the temperature down, which can come at a more expensive bill.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain that the warmer you keep your home, the lower the energy bill and better the health of your air conditioner will be. So, here are some important measures to help make an efficient air conditioner thermostat setting and keep your energy consumption as low as possible.

  • For the coolest you may have in your home, use recommended thermostat setting at 24 degrees Celsius. Check out if this is an ideal temperature for your comfort or allow few degrees warmer if tolerable.
  • In your waking hours at home, see whether you can increase temperature setting if it is not affecting your comfort level. Raise one degree at time until you get the warmest tolerable temperature.
  • For those who find 24 degree Celsius too warm, lower it one degree at a time until a comfortable setting is found. But remember, the colder the degree, more expensive it will be.
  • See if you can use a higher thermostat setting at night time. You may raise at least 3 to 4 degrees higher than your base temperature. But if it affects your sleep, you may switch back to the base level.
  • When your house is empty and you don’t have pets, set the thermostat to turn off before leaving your home, and set it to turn back on a half-hour before arriving home. This will greatly help reduce energy consumption.

If you have any thermostat issue, or find your energy bills increasing month by month, then it is crucial to check how your air conditioner is functioning. And if your AC needs any air conditioner repair or maintenance Sydney to help reduce electricity consumption, contact us to assist you and provide you any required service.