Become an Expert in Installing your Range Hood

Installing Range Hood

Range Hood installation

Are you disturbed by how to replace your old range hood but you do not know where to start? Worry no more; I got a solution for you that will see you installing the new hood. Range hood installation has been made easier more than you can imagine and you will definitely become an expert just by following these simple steps in this article.

Before we go into the steps, you need to have some operating tools and materials, which include; screwdriver and circuit tester, screws, wire connectors and the range hood itself. You also need to take safety precautions like switching off the power, wearing dust mask and goggles, test whether there is some current in the wires before touching them and you can lock the power control box to avoid accidental turn on.

How to Prepare Before Installation of the Hood

It’s worth mentioning that this article refers to installing a range hood under a cabinet. Nevertheless, you can use the same information to set up range hoods in other places. Before installing the hood follow these basic steps:

  • Remove the old hood

To remove this hood, you have to disconnect electrical wires or cables by starting with the cable connectors. With the help of someone, to hold the hood, loosen the screws halfway and slide the hood away from the screws and set it apart. Then remove the bolts.

Installing Range Hood

  • Be sure that the new hood is fitting

If the hood is overhanging, it is better and even more preferable. From the wall, the connection wires should protrude some inches.

  • Consider the vent direction

Make sure it goes through the wall or is up through the cabinet. Remove the metal covering so that you can assemble the wiring and the fan.

Range Hood Installation Steps

In mounting the hood, heed the following steps:

  • Hold the range in position and mark the location screw holes in the hood.

Drive the screws a little and then slide the hood on those targets and drive in the screws all the way through. Make sure you use the right and recommended bolt size.

  • Make sure the hood opening is in line with the ductwork.

If the opening in the range hood is not in line adjust it before driving the screws all the way through.

  • Thread the electric wires from the wall with those of the hood

There are a black and a white wire from the fan and light. Using the wire connectors connect the black wires together and the white wires together. Tuck the cables in their place and put the cover.

  • Tighten the screws properly

When you have wired the hood and positioned it correctly tighten those screws until the hood is secure.

  • Switch on electric power to test the light and the fan.

Make sure the vent outside is emitting air freely.

Installing the Range Hood

By following the above steps, you are good for range hood installation. Beware; don’t touch bare wires when the power is still on.