About Us

DJ Building Inspector is a leader in providing unrivalled building inspection and certification to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for compliance with obligatory building permits and code requirements.

We are staffed with some of the highly capable and licensed engineers, technicians and management professionals who have strong expertise and years of experience in construction industry and provide comprehensive inspection, assessment and supervision to all our clients’ construction projects.

Our unmatched industry proficiency and experiences encompassing all aspects of construction ensures your building project meets the structural, safety, and other accessibility requirements, while also helping clients attain legitimate building certificate required as an authentication of project’s compliance.

Our building inspection and certification services have proven its competency in preventing construction errors and technical risks, making our services the first choice for construction companies, real estate owners, private investors, public institution, and various other construction projects requiring supports.

With quality professional expertise and comprehensive supervision in accordance with the unique requirement of your region, we help acquire your conformity certification, keep your construction project on schedule and also help control budgets.

We strive to win your trust and gain future businesses by providing you unbiased and certified building inspection report and professional certification services.

To ensure an efficient construction project work-flow, use our building inspection and certification services to help you comply with national and local building regulations.